Pijat Jakarta / The Best Health Massage Jakarta / Manunggal Spa – Pijat Panggilan & Pijat Kesehatan 24 Jam

Manunggal Sehat Jakarta - ( JAKARTA MASSAGE )

*MANUNGGAL HEALTHY ~ provide massage services your family. You can contact us by phone and we were trained masseuse will come to where you live so comfort
you to enjoy our massage services will be assured.

* Healthy Manunggal serve to Homes, Apartments, Boarding & Hotel and while the service menu as follows:

1. Traditional Massage (Massage Traditional)
Body massage is excellent for relaxation and so
can mengihilangkan stress after doing daily activities.

2. Massage Body Scrub (Scrub Massage)
Full body massage and body scrub, very good for
refresh the body and lift the skin cells
die so that skin feels fresh again.

3. Sprains Massage (Massage Sprains)
Massage therapy for sprains and whiplash and restore muscle elasticity.

4. Massage Infants and Children (Child and Infant Massage)
Special body massage babies and children so that the child’s blood circulation smoothly.

5. Scrape Massage (Massage Kerik)
Massage for colds.

Prioritizing massage foot nerves and hands.

* We are Ready to Serve You 24 Hours Full
Please Contact Us:




pin: 26952EAD

web: http://www.manunggalspa.com






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