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Call Massage | Manunggal Spa, 24 hour Best Health Massage in Jakarta

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MASSAGE SERVICES 24 HOURS | Manunggal a call massage service facilities, health massage, massage healthy family with a traditional system capable of restoring the fitness of your body from aches and fatigue. we are a massage or spa services call 24-hour airport to the hotel or boarding house apartment residence. you do not need to bother and time-out on a trip with a direct call or order and the therapist will we prepare to send the appropriate destination address.

* Menu Manunggal Spa Services:
1. Traditional Massage (Traditional Massage)
Full body massage is very good for relaxation and so
can mengihilangkan stress after work everyday activities.
2. Massage Body Scrub (Scrub Massage)
Full body massage and body scrub, very good for
refresh your body and exfoliate skin
who died so that the skin feel fresh again.
3. Massage sprains (Massage sprain)
Massage therapy for sprains and muscle strain and restore muscle elasticity.
4. Massage Infants and Children (Child and Infant Massage)
Full body massage special baby and children so that the child’s blood circulation smoothly.
5. Massage scrape (Kerik Massage)
Massage for colds.
Massage prioritizing the nerves feet and hands.

open 24 hours

* We Ready To Serve You 24 Hours Full
Please Contact Us:
pin: 26952EAD
* Visit the Website: -http: // –

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